Security Printing

AG Innovation is a provider of business opportunities to various Multinational Companies to market their raw materials, technologies and solutions in the field of banknote paper, passport paper, non-judicial stamp paper, security threads, holographic foils & other security features.

Anti - Counterfeiting

Counterfeiting is one of the fastest growing financial crimes, threatening jobs and endangering public health and safety. The World Customs Organization estimated annual global trade in illegitimate goods at about $600 billion (2004), which is expected to rise to $1.7 trillion by 2015, representing 5% to 7% of all worldwide trade.

The FMCG industry in India loses Rs.8000 crore, which is about 15% of total market size, per year to fake goods manufacturers. Pharma Industry in India loses around Rs.4000 crore ie; 40% to counterfeiters. Name a product and you will find between 2 and 200 copies of it that compete for customer attention. The government loses Rs.15000 crore and the industry all in all loses Rs.30,000 crore to the counterfeits.

A brand represents image and the consistent assurance of quality that a customer has the right to expect. Brand building is an expensive and continuous process where companies spent time, effort and money in building and sustaining their brands. Like any other asset, brands are prone to various forms of attack such as counterfeiting, duplication, alteration, misuse, tampering, diversion, etc. Most brand owners prefer to take legal recourse, along with some packaging changes, to tackle the issue of brand attacks.

Although such legal steps are necessary for detecting and preventing brand attacks in the short term, these steps would not provide a completely sufficient 'holistic' solution to the brand owner in the long term. Quite often, the ownership of brand is not with the CEO or the Head of the business, but distributed across the demand and supply chain. Such brand owners, hence, tackle brand protection needs by small cost-driven packaging changes. A 'holistic and integrated' solution, if available, would provide a much greater opportunity for the brand owners to increase the business share and profits through the otherwise lost market, which are being consistently stolen by counterfeiters.

AGI is India's leading fully integrated brand protection solution, which would not only help brand owners increase their revenue in short and long terms, but would also enable them to reinforce consumer confidence in their brands. The resultant improvement in brand reputation would then be priceless. The best part about our solution is that we provide an inexpensive, customized and integrated solution according to the brand owner requirements. AGI provides multiple technologies solution, which is almost impossible to duplicate, and hence is 100% secure.

If you think your brand is under attack from counterfeiting, and you would like to convert this threat into an opportunity to improve your brand share, contact AG Innovation.

Automated Cash Centers Solutions

Standardization and enforcement of the business procedures, as well as security and reliability are the key success factors within the daily operations of the cash management department.

Case Centers are manually managed and to cope with this trend, we are providing solutions for more automated and better secured cash centers.

These centers are dealing with cash storage, processing and distribution, guaranteeing quality and security in a cost effective way.

Waste Water Management

The rapid economic development and the continuous improvement of the living standard in the last two decades have been leading to increased discharge of pollution and consequently to deterioration of the environment. At the same time, the economic development and the improvement of the living standard require huge resources including clean water and a clean environment..

Today, awareness of the scarcity of high quality water has strongly changed the approach of waste water treatment. Currently, there is an increasing need for the beneficial reuse of treated waste water and to recover valuable products and energy from waste water. Used water, or waste water must be cleaned before it can be released in the environment.

At a waste water treatment plant, this water is treated to remove dangerous, disease causing bacteria, harmful chemicals and suspended solids before the remaining water, called effluent, is discharged back to the environment. If not for the waste water treatment, untreated waste water from our homes and businesses would pollute streams and lakes. This has boosted the demand for Waste Water Treatment Plants, Industrial Effluent Treatment Plants, Municipal Waste Treatment, Sewage Treatment Plants, etc.

AG Innovation plays an important role to protect the environment as we have set up the CETP Society, partnered with Delhi Jal Board and DSIIDC (both are 100% owned Government of NCT, Delhi) to treat wastewater We are in a continuous research process of introducing cost-effective and innovative technologies required for the waste water treatment ie. to transform waste into a resource, thereby reducing carbon emissions in the environment.

Our company will reclaim tomorrows water by providing cost-effective & maintenance free solutions to exceed your expectations.

Financial Consultancy Services

AGI is having a team of qualified and experienced Chartered Accountants, Engineers, Law-graduates and other professionals who provides following services:

  • Assist national and international banks, hedge funds, venture capitalists and other financial institutions in establishing association with the clients who need funds for business development and also who has surplus funds for investments.
  • Assistance in establishing projects in India by overseas investors and to the domestic investors in establishing projects abroad.
  • Assistance in finding business partners for overseas and domestic entrepreneurs.
  • Due Diligence and assistance in acquisition and mergers.
  • Consultancy on Foreign Exchange Management Act of India