About AG Innovation

Founded in 2006, AG Innovation is a service providing company for creating business opportunities in India for multinational companies worldwide in the field of raw materials for security printing of bank notes and other security documents, specialty products for the use in petroleum exploration, transportation, refining of crude oil and further transportation of final products like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, furnace oil etc. We also created business opportunities for leading pharmaceuticals and food products companies with the supplies of specialty products like acidulents, stabilizers, preservatives and other additives.

AG Innovation not only enjoys the strong business relationship with overseas companies located at important commercial destinations in the world, but also achieves a significant business turnover by way of coordination of supplies between overseas companies and Indian customers including 100% owned Government undertakings and distinguished companies in private sector in the field of security printing.

We have CETP Society, partnered with Delhi Jal Board and DSIIDC (both are 100% owned Government of NCT, Delhi) as a non-profit organisation to treat wastewater.

AG Innovation unrelenting focus on business Governance, high standards of ethics and clarity of vision, percolates through the organization.

Our company, a research driven customer-centric organization with a commitment to work hard, provides best services & flawless execution. Our R & D unit, with a dedicated team, innovates best solutions and a complete process to provide professional and satisfactory quality solutions & services to the customers.

Due to its sustained efforts towards excellence in providing support, services and quality of leadership, AGI is a name known for introducing latest technologies/innovations in the field of security printing for authentication of products and combating counterfeiting, parallel trade and fraud. AG Innovation provides the ultimate solutions designed to provide the highest level of security. From marking individual packaging to authenticating secured government documents, we provide the best solution that will stand the test of time.

Our innovative solutions and service oriented approach has garnered the trust of customers from diverse industries. We support to create a real value for our clients by optimizing the system to meet their specific project requirements. Our products/solutions are extremely beneficial to our customers to save their brand from counterfeiters, fake products, creating legal evidences, theft thereby increasing business turnover and profits.

Our vision is to offer consultancy and services for establishing turn-key projects by way of new-venture, diversification, backward & forward integration in these lines.

Our History

50 years of business challenges based on solid ethical principles and concrete acquisitions of prestige and creation of innovative opportunities. The group is private and now boasts significant annual turnover.

Mr S.P.Gupta

The founder of AG Innovation, is a man with reputed social background in India. He has been engaged in the business for last more than 50 year, thus has at his credit a long rich and successful experience in diversified fields.

Mr Gupta

Is the President of a society who is working in partnership with Government of Delhi for treatment of 6 MLD of industrial effluent in Delhi. This project proves his business relations with the Government Departments beyond doubt and understanding in the job to handle STPs and Combined Effluent Treatment Plant of a community.

Mr Gupta

Started his business with manufacturing & export of electroplating and heat treatment chemicals. He, later on, diversified his business operations to bulk drugs like tartaric acid and then to a service providing industry in different fields to multi-national companies for marketing their products in South-East Asia including India.

We are actively concentrating on the latest technologies for wastewater treatment plants and the management of solid waste.

Throughout its history, AGI has dedicated itself to helping governments, central banks, and high-profile companies to provide comprehensive solutions in security printing .

Our Core Offerings

Innovation Strategy

AGI develops a strategy to innovate new solutions for the customer to provide solutions in security printing, Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting.

Business Advisory & Transformation Services

AGI provides the business opportunities in marketing products and projects in South East Asia, from concept to completion.

Logistics & Maintenance Support

AGI provides business leadership and complete logistics support from end to end execution.

Social Responsibility

AG Innovation

Strongly believes in building strong sustainable businesses that are firmly rooted in the community and demonstrate care for environment. AGI regards climate change to be the greatest threat affecting economic stability, vulnerable communities and society at large. We are committed to continuous benchmarking and enhancing our own environmental performance through the reduction of carbon and ecological footprints with the involvement of our business associates and partners. Through our services and solutions, we endeavor to help customers improve their environmental performance towards their sustainable objectives.

AGI has helped to set up the CETP Society, partnered with Delhi Jal Board and DSIIDC (both are 100% owned Government of NCT, Delhi) as a non-profit society to treat wastewater and everyday tries to transform waste into a resource, thereby reducing carbon emissions in the environment.

AGI respects human rights, values its employees, and the future of our company depends on stewardship and protection of the environment and natural resources. We also strive to be responsible citizens & try to help the less fortunate people.


The most important assets of the company are its employees, customers and suppliers but above all, a thought process to treat them as business partners.

Our commitment is to work hard, provide best services and flawless execution.